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Crean & Associates' team of experts have over 3000 years of collective aerospace industry experience available to help our clients design complex systems, win new business, select & manage supplier partners, and to design, analyze, integrate, and test space, launch, & aviation hardware.  Every member of the C&A team brings decades of direct personal experience before joining our team or walking in your door.  Don't learn from mistakes, avoid those mistakes by partnering with highly experienced C&A experts.  Get done faster, grow your business, and lower costs with our help.  It is not always rocket science, but sometimes it actually is and either way, we have you covered.

       Crean & Associates... for when it does take a rocket scientst.


C&A operations improvement methods & technologies deliver rapid transformations that improve lead times, reduce cost, and improve quality.  Our success stories are epic - cycle time reductions of over 80%, doubling capacity while eliminating overtime, improving operating margins by double digits.  Grow your business, get clearer insights, and maximize your margins.  How do you stack up against industry benchmarks?  Are you ready for a merger or acquistioni?  Give us a call we will give you a free assessment! 


Our international program manager, project managers, and supplier managers each have over 20 years of aerospace experience successfully delivering complex systems, some in excess of $1B.  They started their careers developing technical expertise before honing their managment skills.  Our supplier managers use our proprietary methods to ensure peak supplier performance or to turn around challenging projects.


Space Systems, Launch Systems, and Aviation Subject Matter Experts (SME) are a phone call away.  Let us support you in delivering systems engineering reports and reviews, analyzing complex new systems, mentoring developing engineers, or filling gaps in your technical team.  Every one of our SMEs has over 20 years of specialized technical experience, are easy to work with and will aid in your success.  Quick answers, periodic support, or extended engagement with your team, we give you the flexibility to meet your needs.

Success Stories...

Burning Down Late Backlog

Crean & Associates helped one small thruster manufacturing company that struggeled with late deliveries due to supplier challenges that often resulting in delays in the months.  Our operations experts worked hand in hand with our client's lead technician and operations manager to use C&A proven process analysis methods & tools for multiple products and then layout a new smaller clean room for thruster manufacturing.  We used the transition as an opportunity to design and implement new production flow, new no-cost production management systems, and to train the team on new ways to see and approach assembly and test.  The resulting mixed model production & test line saw their kit to delivery cycle time dropped by over 80% taking months out of their cycle time.  That despite the fact that they went from two shift operations to a 1 shift operation with fewer man hours.  We worked with our client to then use the freed up manpower and clean room space to implement a new production operation for an entirely new product line.  The result was significantly boosted revenue and profit and predictable thruster deliveries that were always on time even when supplier challenges arose.



Big Payoff for Fixing Wing Issues

Crean & Associates subject matter experts were called on by one of our clients whose equipment was supporting a very important customer's wing production line in Europe.  They needed to figure out why their wing production was not meeting the required rates, and machining finish quality were a concern as well.  If they couldn't solve the problem, they stood to lose millions of dollars in incentive payments.  Based on past experience working with C&A, our client knew we had the experience needed to investigate and solve the problems quickly, improve the quality and accelerate the delivery rate to end of year targets.  C&A's expert used his experience in manufacturing methods to analyze the problem and solve it quickly.  The quality problems were solved by rapid redesign of a part worth under $100.  When it came time to prove that the new production rate could be met with a multiple wing test run, not only did our client meet the rate, but with the improvements in place, they could meet their customer targets set for years down the road.  Our client's customer went from annoyed to overjoyed.  Our expert stayed on to train his replacement so that the client had a long-term solution to solving any new problems that arose.  The problem was solved, a long-term solution is in place, and the incentive payments were released, so our client enjoyed an outstanding ROI on their C&A investment.


C&A Experts Add Value on Day One

Our highly talented and knowledgeable experts understand the many challenges faced in our industry.  That background in solving such a variety of challenges allows them to immediately dig into helping our clients deliver on commitments.  Give us a call and let's get started today.


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